An Interview with Lou Sanders


Lou Sanders is an English stand-up comedian.  Described as “A compelling mixture of a young Steve Martin and a nine year-old girl having a mid-life crisis” by the British Comedy Guide and “Confident, daft & a refreshingly different stand up” by Fest.    I interviewed her recently.  Here is that interview…


You recently performed your new work in progress show at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival. How did that go?

Ah, I mean, very patchy – it was work in progress.  Lots of work/progress to be made.  But I did a work in progress show when I had learnt it and it was WAY better.  Turns out knowing it really helps, I think.

Ha, some of your props I’ve seen are hilarious. Do you have any new ones or are you trying to move away from props?

I am moving away from them because I like a simple day bag.   For my last show, I was lugging around a load of props which got caught in my bike wheel and sent me flying and I thought – no, this isn’t me.  The show before that I’d have to constantly get taxis to the other side of London and back to carry projector legs, projector and props.  I think comedy should come from convenience.

Yeah, definitely.  I saw your “Lou Sanders in Another Great Show Again” show at the Fringe 2014 – it was hilarious and you even controlled a few drunk old guys really well. Can you tell me more about the ending where you get a member of the audience to pour a big bag of sugar on you?

I really like Def Leppard’s song “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and I had a funnel knocking about.  It was also a call back so did kind of make sense.

It is a good song, I fell off my seat laughing (it didn’t have sides) at that bit.  You playing the Ed Fringe this year?

Thank you though, really glad you liked it.  Yes!  My show is called “Lou Sanders: Excuse me, You’re Sitting on my Penis Again” –  it’s about me trying to get into Eton.  Doing the same room but at 5:30.  I was reading the Laughing Horse website and it said “The clock format is in 24 hour format – if you don’t understand this, please click here”  and I thought HOW LUDICROUS.  Then it said “I know this sounds ludicrous but we always have one person who puts the wrong time” –  then I remembered – OH YEAH! THAT WAS ME.  I put 10am ha ha – what a mug!  So, this year I am building on my admin success of last year.

That’s great. Your show titles are always the best, do you come up with them first, or the general idea for the show first?

I usually go with the title first.  And then make sure the show has very little to do with it.

You have a wonderfully silly routine about fishing for compliments (hey that’s a nice jumper). Do you still perform that? (video below, time stamp 11:20)

No, I tend to like to move on.  I treat my material like I treat my men (winky face).

Testify.  What’s your favourite joke of yours that doesn’t get much of a laugh?

At the moment it’s something to do with re-training as a wet nurse.  I change the phrasing and in a pig headed fashion, I’m trying to make it work.

Question from stand-up comedian Josie Long: “Are you working on any projects outside of stand up?  Will you write a novel?  I’d love to read a novel of yours”

I would rather do a picture book as it’s less work.  It would be pictures of Adrian Grenier in different poses, but most of them with his legs in the air.  All of them in the nuddy.

I think you should make a business plan for that. You spoke on the fun “Gods of Comedy” podcast about stress reduction techniques like reiki and also your crystals. Have you talked about any of that on stage?

I make flippant comments about being spiritual or having a crystal up my poop hole but generally, I can’t speak about anything seriously.

Cool. Are you releasing your first DVD this year via Go Faster Stripe?

Yes, whenever they finish editing it.  In time for next year’s Christmas market maybe?   It’s my “Lou Sanders in Another Great Show Again” show but filmed in London – I forget where I am in some of it and I’m in the worst outfit so lots to look forward to!

Credit: Thurstan Redding
Credit: Thurstan Redding


You’re very funny on Twitter.  For example “Can I just get five god damn minutes in the day where all the boys are not trying to fertilize my eggs?!” Do any of your tweets make it into your live shows?

Yes, sometimes when it fits or when I like the sound of it.  Sometimes you try tweets out on stage but they never land because they’re better written I guess.  Hey, I’m not a scientist, but yeah, that must be what is happening there.

You were recently on Stuart Goldsmith’s brilliant “Comedian’s Comedian Podcast” where you spoke about your trip to LA; the City of Angels (and Shamans). Did you do any gigs when over there for the month?

Yes, I did quite a few and I loved them!  I LOVE LA and want to live there – I AM GOING TO LIVE THERE – just might take a year to move over.

In 2014, you played the part of “Suicide Pact Lady” in a film short called “Rest Stop”. What was that like?

I mean, I was in it for two seconds and we got free crisps.  Actually, the director/writer is a lady called Kate Herron and she is very talented so it’s just nice to be involved in whatever way with people you like who are doing good stuff. I’m not sure if I’m even in it – not seen it yet.

What kind of crisps?

Good question RE the crisps.  I gotta say there were about four different flavours there so gives you some idea of the scale of production.  Also, I say two seconds, I think it’s one.  In the background.  But the crisps were great. A named brand (I won’t say which one as I don’t want to gloat).



If you want more Lou Sanders in your life, check her out on Twitter.  Also, there’s some of her upcoming gigs here.  She’s also performing her new show “Lou Sanders: Excuse me, You’re Sitting on my Penis Again” at the Ed Fringe this year.

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